Ask Annah: I’m Not the Same Since My Loss. How Do I Get Back to “The Old Me?”

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Dearest Neighbor, “How do I get The Old Me back?” is a question I hear in many scenarios but most often when one of our fellow journeyers has faced a significant life loss. “My loss has changed me” and “I’ll never be the same again” are two common comments people make following a tragic or chaotic life event. What happens …

Ask Annah: Why Do I Feel Worse 2-3 Years after My Significant Life Loss Event

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Dear Journeyer, I am often asked some variation of this question: “It’s been three years since my child/parent/sibling/spouse/best friend died and I feel worse now than I did when it happened. What is wrong with me?” Though this query often references the death of a person, I have also heard it with regard to other forms of loss, including but …

Level II Intermediate Meditation

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You’ve completed the Meditation for Newbies and have applied the skills you learned. What’s next?

Take your meditation practice to the next level! We’ll discuss the progress you made and the benefits you’ve already begun to witness! Then we’ll learn new skills and strategies to deepen the self care and self discovery benefits of your meditation practice.