Ask Annah: I’m Not the Same Since My Loss. How Do I Get Back to “The Old Me?”

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Dearest Neighbor, “How do I get The Old Me back?” is a question I hear in many scenarios but most often when one of our fellow journeyers has faced a significant life loss. “My loss has changed me” and “I’ll never be the same again” are two common comments people make following a tragic or chaotic life event. What happens … Read More

Parents of Well-Behaved Children Rewarded – Good or Bad Practice?

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I recently stumbled across Circle of Mom’s blog entry about a restaurant discount one family received because their children were well-behaved. The comment boards were lit up with parents and non-parents, alike, arguing both sides of whether or not this bill reduction is fair and/or moral. As of this writing, the HuffingtonPost piece that originated the discussion had 732 responses. … Read More