Ask Annah: How Do You Do It All?

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Dearest Neighbor, Social Media Highlight Reels. Glitz. Glamour. Got-it-all-together goodness. Do these qualities exist? Sure. Do they exist all the time? For anyone? Not on your life. Comparison is one of our greatest life hurdles, which affords it a front row seat in The Five Facets Philosophy on Healing programs. This question came to me leading up to the holiday season and … Read More

Dear Hopeful, 5 Steps to Heal Your Hurts

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  Last night I clicked on a link that posed a question like “What’s holding you back from living your dreams?” I don’t often participate in those types of internet polls but this one drew me in because it was from Tony Robbins. After a few brief questions something like “Do you make friends easily or do you stand against … Read More