What if… – a Digging for the Light Excerpt

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  The greatest highlight of last week’s happy felt as if it had a dozen (or more) !!!!!!!!!!!! attached to it. In case you didn’t hear my shrieks of joy, you can catch up on my Moments AND learn a little something that might help you unearth your own happy HERE. And just in case you have way more focus … Read More

On Validation and Self Worth, a Digging for the Light Excerpt

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  Earlier this week I shared with you something that I had previously revealed only to two other people: my therapist and my husband. It’s a scary, scary thing to not only admit to our shortcomings, but to put them out there for the entire world to see. Scary. SCARY. SCARY! What I can tell you, though, is that I … Read More

Recycling Hope and Miracle

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Last month I reunited with Miracle. I’ve spent many years pushing against her, resisting the mere mention of her name. Turns out I had been seeing her all wrong. You see, Miracle isn’t about some prize granted to a select few, Miracle is what happens when we bear witness to life’s marvelous events and amazing qualities. Miracle is what happens … Read More

Kodak Moments, a Digging for the Light Excerpt

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  Glennon over at Momastery recently wrote this brutiful piece about feeling overwhelmed and down because she didn’t perceive her family to be happy and normal like all those snapshots we see in Christmas cards and on our social media pages. In the post she wrote that she feared people might consider her a fraud and she used the phrase, … Read More