A New Lease on Life

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Sometimes it’s just the littlest things that either bring us down or help build us back up… I spent my entire Saturday in a hormonal stupor. I wore a path between the bathroom, the kitchen, and my couch. When I wasn’t pacing, I sat with my computer on my lap, wandering back and forth between Facebook, my blog, and open … Read More

Two Bs in Happy Make a World of Difference

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It’s been a strange week, what with two-days of work sandwiched between three days off. Though I’m not complaining about the free time, I’ve spent it reading and researching. I’m often drawn to stories of tragedy and triumph. And I tend to be tuned in to people’s emotions, so it’s been a week of highs and lows. We all have … Read More

I Am The Cure

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I am the cure. For what ails me. And I’m so glad that this past week of Mad and Sad is over. Some weeks are that way, where The Shit seems to flourish. That seemingly eternal anguish makes me all the more appreciative for those times like Mother’s Day week, when I noticed plenty of Happy. Honestly, until Friday, I … Read More