Balancing Act

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!

This week has been all about creating balance between love and fear, patience and anxiousness, knowledge and wisdom, sadness and joy…

Brief, daily meditations have allowed me to ask the universe to help me focus on how each of these things play important roles in my life and asking for guidance in making the pairs more harmonious.

Yin-and-Yang came from one of those sessions on my sofa.

When fear–be it of abandonment, rejection, death, pain, suffering…–dominates our every reaction or action, then it throws a room-darkening blanket over each of our days.

When we over overanxious about something, the tension is likely to reduce the sensations that come with a positive event.

When we let our brain overrule our intuition, then we ultimately sacrifice or sabotage our growth.

Want to  know one of the things I love  most about this week’s journey? I was able to accomplish those things from my plush little sofa in a short amounts of time.

Which helped me to better embrace my time with family, to accept and fully internalize apologies, to be open to the miracles that exist in personal growth, to continue to see the beauty of life around me, and to once again pay tribute to the unconditional love that is my soul’s epicenter.

I’ve had places to go and be, a party to prepare, bills to pay, and life to live…

Most of my photos are of repeating numbers that Warren and I are seeing with uncanny and overlapping regularity…

I’m amassing a list of events for future research, but regardless of what I find, these Angel Numbers as they’re called, are providing Hubby and I stimulating conversations about coincidence, chance, and divinity’s many forms.

One of the most consistent patterns I see is the number 222, which I’ve come to associate with the tagline: Everything’s going to be okay.

While adding some social media updates before writing this post I saw that sequence magnified in the biggest strand I’ve seen yet: 22222. The more numbers in the sequence, the stronger the vibration.

22222 Everything's Going to Be Okay Image

Everything will always be okay, if we choose it, Journeyer…and that wisdom brings me great comfort and joy…

One of the neatest experiences this week, however, appeared in a cloud.

You may recall that a few months back my family had to make the painful decision to end our beloved pet’s suffering.

We had just shy of thirteen wonderful years of memories and routine associated with our Husky-Malamute named Thunder. I miss him every day when I automatically look to his spot under the deck, only to recall that his physical form is no longer here…

It is his spirit with which we are now connected.

A few years ago Beauty was sunbathing in the front yard and playing with him when she took a selfie of the two of them.

The cloud? See if you see the striking resemblance between the two photos, Journeyer.

Beauty and Thunder and the Thunder Cloud


When we choose to pay tribute to those fleeting moments that make us happy, when we allow the good and the bad of our days to balance one another, then we are happy…for happiness truly is not a destination…

Happiness is a journey through those collective thoughts, feelings, and experiences that feed our souls and fuel our inspirations…

Annah Elizabeth Quote Happiness is a Journey Image

What events balanced out your week, Journeyer? Share them here and spread a little love!

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

On Saying Goodbye

2 Comments on “Balancing Act”

  1. I took some time this week to really connect with my kids. And I committed to doing it more often. Life’s going too fast.

    1. YAY! I have to catch up on my reading, so I look forward to going along on the journey with you and your children soon…even if it is only through your words! 🙂

      Relationships of all kinds are big balancing acts! Keep on balancing life and love! <3

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