Healing and the Two Sides of Change

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A thick and frigid, wintry haze blocked the sunrise and dampened my spirit as I drove to work this morning.
Bob Segar’s, Turn the pagesuddenly penetrated my yawns, sighs, and sense of dread.
I was taken back to my teenage years, to a night when two boys and two girls were doing things they shouldn’t have been, and then many months later a date to see the man himself in concert.
It was my first concert that brought me home from college and I’ll never forget how the crowd went wild begging Bob to sing this favorite tune.
As I listened to the lyrics this morning, I thought about how I was undergoing so many changes during that time of my life, how most of us transform during those in-between years where we’re no longer a kid yet not quite an adult.
Each day we are turning the pages of our hopes, dreams, relationships, and wisdom…
Sometimes that change is scary as we navigate through the dark underbrush of the unknown…
Other times that change is exhilarating as we anticipate what is yet to come.
Too often we resist change, bracing against it begrudgingly, as if it were something bad or counterproductive.
It’s amazing, though, how quickly we lean into the comforts of change, once we stop pushing against it.
My work with The Five Facets Philosophy is in the midst of undergoing major changes, Journeyer!
I’ve spent the past year trying to find someone to help me with some of the technical programming stuff with my website and the blog…
I’ve reached out to a number of designers who have never responded to my inquiry, which made change scary, frustrating, and disheartening.
That all changed last week when someone got back to me with a “Yes!”
We’re turning the pages, literally!
I’ll be on hiatus for the next couple of weeks to give the developer a chance to do his work without interference.
Next time you see us we’ll have a brand new look!
What about you, Journeyer, how do you approach change? Does it energize or inhibit you?
Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, and happiness,

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