Gauging Our Happy Meter Wattage

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It’s been a bit of a rough week at work, Journeyer…
I won’t bemoan the details, but let’s just say I interviewed with another district, only to be told by one of my supervisors that same afternoon that the two school systems have an “unwritten agreement” that they won’t hire one another’s employees…
I’m not sure this is even legal (quite frankly I doubt it), and I’m waiting on a few more details to come to the surface before I decide if I need and/or want to pursue the subject further, but as you can imagine, it’s been one emotionally charged week!
The bright side to my work week is that my trainee is doing brilliantly and should have no problem passing the proficiency test she takes on Thursday!
The other bit of foul news is that my internet continues to give me problems and hasn’t worked more than about two minutes at a time, if it loaded the pages at all.

Anyone have any idea what this means?!
See the message top right that says “Return to Mobile view?!

Internet is paramount for bloggers and researchers, so that has been a real pain in my backside!
I spent more than an hour on the phone with my satellite provider yesterday, only to have them tell me that the problem lies within my Linksys/Cisco router…which means more phone calls to come…
Though I love my electronics and typically like a good challenge, I am frustrated by this ongoing issue and the fact that the timing sucks!
And, yet, there have been so many good and positive moments these past seven days, some that are super exciting and some that are a little simpler, somehow seemingly mundane…
That’s the beauty of true happiness, though, Journeyer, when it resides within our happy organ, we spend our days paying homage to whatever moment makes us smile, laugh, suck in a breath of relief, pause to reflect, or feel joy within…
Sometimes those feelings arise with an adrenalin rush, and sometimes we can actually feel the moment of peaceful intervention pushing the strife out of our soul…
My quieter moments included shopping with Warren for Halloween costumes…

Too bad this squirrel looks like a chipmunk!
This decked-out mannequin reminded me of Beauty, who has her own flair, hunts with the best of them, and doesn’t have a problem with creepy-crawly things.

In response to the photo I sent her, she said, “Lmao perfect.”
Our friends who hosted the party are also in the building business, which made it even funnier.
After texting the image to our three children, Beauty wrote back, “Oh dear God no.” In a text immediately following was another that said, “Please don’t.”
Her jovial brother replied “Please do.”
I had so much fun embellishing the costume with electrified hair!

Warren’s love for making homemade chili can be tasted in every spoonful, so he found great delight in making his first batch of the season, which he entered into the event’s chili cook-off.

Since the contest rules said our dish had to have a name, we decided to keep the electrical theme and went with
…a spiced up and very hot version…

…and a tempered version for those whose pallets like it a little milder…
The many decorations and holiday treats reminded me of all the fun I have holding our Halloween gathering each year and made me excited for the forthcoming party!

Other happy news included the sun that parted the clouds and lifted everyone’s spirits after the pounding rains we’ve had of recent.
The brilliantly colored foliage I see everywhere I go brightens my mood several times a day!
This morning I finally had a chance to take the dog and me for a walk!

Scenery like this made me forget about the brisk air and that wicked wind whipping my exposed flesh!
This large old tree filled the road and its shoulder with hundreds of acorns, which reminded me of the many squirrels I’ve seen running to and fro, preparing for winter, with cheeks bulging or enormous treats clutched between their teeth.

There was this little comic that reminded me of the days when Warren would take a young Big Guy out to watch wildlife or to hunt with him. He’d often return and exclaim how our son couldn’t sit still. We all had a chuckle over the cartoon!


Last, but not least is the excitement I’ve been feeling since my Best Teacher’s Gifts Giveaway ended on the 15th!

I haven’t been able to print out the entries, but I’m so anxious to select the ten lucky teachers and get those surprise boxes off to them!
Send me good luck…and if you know anything at all about router issues, I’d LOVE to have you send some links or helpful suggestions my way!
What about you, Journeyer? What was the wattage of your happy this past week?
Until we meet again, yours in healing, hope, and happiness…

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