Nurturing My Happy

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“I think I spend most of my life in awe of everything around me,” I said to my friend when something caught my eye while we were shopping last Sunday, “color and design and talent and nature and just our human ability to do most anything…I’m just always in awe.”

“I’d say that’s a very good word to describe you, Annah,” she chuckled, “yes, you are always in awe.”

As I perused the photos I took to capture this past week’s happy moments, the one theme that seemed to prevail was that of nurturing……

I must admit I am energized and inspired by the many things that do bring about that sense of being supported, or the feelings that come when we are cared for or caring for other people and/or desires…

Seems I spent a great deal of time nurturing (be it my children, my dreams, my goals, and my happy) and feeling nurtured by taking the time do some of the many things that bring me comfort and joy…

Can you identify with that sense of fulfillment in any of these images? Do they make smile? Share the stories these pictures evoke for you here, or share with us a moment (or two or six!) that helped to fill your happy this week.

The time and love and energy that goes into a piping hot, homemade meal on a cold winter’s day…

I made a double batch, which means I now have homemade pot pie filling in the freezer for another day’s quick, easy, and deliciousness at the end of a long day.

And speaking of hot, it’s practically a heat wave! This photo was taken Friday morning on my way to work! Warren and Beauty and Big Guy and I all took a nice long walk with the dog in yesterday’s forty degree weather!

And look! No more road grime!!!


 And the spring chicks have arrived at our local farm supply store!

Watching the youthful joy on my children’s faces as they held these baby birds just warmed my heart…

I recently noticed how Squirtle the turtle splays out his legs to soak up the warmth from the heat lamp…Did I mention how I’m constantly in awe of life’s little intricacies? How all creatures (especially us humans!) have this innate ability to cultivate just what they need?

I absolutely LOVED this comeback campaign! The best “in the history of EVER!” Whoever thought up that little ditty should definitely be patting themselves on the back and high-fiving their colleagues.


Speaking of sweet, I finally finished wading my way through all of that copyright stuff for The Five Facets Philosophy and all of its components…what a sense of accomplishment and reward I felt when I popped those documents into the mail. I know you know that feeling of achieving something you were afraid to do, but you forged your way through it and ACHIEVED! I just know you know!

And then to cap off this week, a date night with Hubby and my two kids. I’ve come to believe that luck is always with us, through good times and bad… Though it might be a little harder to see sometimes, it’s definitely present when we’re spending time with loved ones or winning something! Thanks to Carol Cassara for her recent book giveaway! I can’t wait to discover the little treasure she has in store for me!


What Moment(s) helped to nourish your happy this week? Share them here and spread the joy!

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