Relief from Upper Respiratory Woes

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It’s that time of year where cold and flu and allergy seasons collide.

Pharmacy aisle end caps are full-to-overflowing with remedies for ache-y, cough-y, sneeze-y, sore throat-y symptoms.

And a quick Google search on cures for the common cold will turn up countless home remedies.

Here’s one more to add to your list.

To the TOP of your list if you have stuffy nose or lung congestion.

It’s tried and true.

Girl Scout’s promise.

When my friend sent it to me about ten years ago, after I complained of a horrible cold, I had my doubts.

But I was also desperate after battling the beast for weeks.

This remedy has been so effective, even my children quit quarreling with me after a couple of years.

And not because they were tired of arguing with me.

Because it works.

(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)
Cold remedy steam bath that definitely helps with the respiratory stuff!
You can purchase the oils at most herbal or natural supply stores. Most GNC retailers also stock them.

Use a metal bowl
Add 5-6 drops of Pure Eucalyptus oil
Add 5-6 drops of Pure Rosemary oil

Boil about two cups of water, pour into bowl
Place towel over your head and the bowl.
Breathe in the vapors for 5 minutes, or until steam is gone, reversing breathing pattern: In through nose, out through mouth, then in through mouth…

Do this as many times as you can throughout the day – BE SURE to keep tissues nearby as it will clean out your sinuses!

I pour the scented water back into the pot and use it as the base for my next batch. It not only puts the vapors into the house, it makes the batches a tad more potent.
Try it! Then come back and tell us how it worked for you.

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