Admitting to the Martyr in Me

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Warren and I will soon be traveling south to watch SS compete in a national event. I can’t wait to be in a little warmer climate after the harsh winter we’re having in the northeast. I’m also looking forward to spending a couple of days with my family who live only about five hours from the venue. As I was … Read More

Opening to Change

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I must admit I wasn’t so keen on the new kitchen gadget when my mother insisted on buying me a new one.   “I don’t need a new can opener,” I replied to her, “the one I have is just fine. Besides they don’t make things like they used to.”   But the truth is, the old one had started … Read More

Kicking Addiction to the Curb

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Earlier this week, I ran into a woman I hardly ever see at work. She stood in line next to me with her hand resting on her side, just under her ribcage. I could see the pain she felt in her face as she restrained a cough. Come to find out, she’d been out sick for two weeks. “First I … Read More