Ask Annah: Why Do I Feel Worse 2-3 Years after My Significant Life Loss Event

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Dear Journeyer, I am often asked some variation of this question: “It’s been three years since my child/parent/sibling/spouse/best friend died and I feel worse now than I did when it happened. What is wrong with me?” Though this query often references the death of a person, I have also heard it with regard to other forms of loss, including but … Read More

Flying Lessons

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Full Disclosure: This post comes with connections to other healing allies as well inspirational posts that are ever so close to my heart… There is no way I can contain links to the recommended limit of three… Grab a box of tissues, your favorite beverage and reading spot, then put your feet up and sit with me for a while…I’m so happy you’re … Read More

Healing and the Two Sides of Flight

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Journeyer, I had the most exquisite experience while driving to work earlier this week! My drive follows a local stream, one where I’ve had the good fortune of noticing a doe leading her young fawn to drink, both set in the light of an emerging sunrise. I’ve seen osprey-like birds resting, their height reaching for the clouds atop one locked leg, the other … Read More