Beyond Boston & Oklahoma – Covering Catastrophic Medical Charges

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    Today, Moore, Oklahoma residents face massive death and destruction after a tornado of epic proportions ripped through this southern town. Nine o’clock counts reflect fifty-seven dead and countless injuries. In the days following last month’s Boston bombings, people began thinking about the victims’ medical bills and about their ability to meet the astronomical fees. Boston, itself, and individuals … Read More

Healthy Humor

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Spotted in my doctor’s office, while I waited for the nurse to obtain pre-approval for a colonoscopy. It took more than twenty minutes to reach a live person at my insurance company. This will cure what ails yain situations like that…   Guaranteed to make you smile…   Caption: “Don’t take it out yet–the insurance company says I have to get … Read More

There’s More to Romney’s 47 Fallout

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I asked Warren to read my last piece, Are You One of Romney’s 47%? He and I had had a rousing discussion on the topic a few nights before, as we soaked in the hot tub. He grew up in a family business that has served a large population of Welfare Abusers, and, as such, didn’t see anything wrong with … Read More

Are You One of Romney’s 47%?

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A mega firestorm has ensued over Mitt Romney’s remarks regarding the character of our nation’s near majority. I follow people, not politics, but it has been hard to avoid the impact of this secretly recorded dialogue. Pauline Gaines wrote a fabulous pieceabout three people she encountered in one day who it could be said are some of the constituents Romney … Read More

Eliminating the Pain in My Neck

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Seven years ago I had a pain in my neck. Not in the form of an errant child or husband, but a bonafide pain in my neck. I’ve told this story many times, but William Quincy Belle’s recent article about the knife in his shoulder prompted me to actually write it down. In late 2007 I began a job that required … Read More