Healing and the Two Sides of Truth

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Truth. What is it? What does it mean? What does it accomplish? One of the mantras I’ve lived my life by is “There are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in the middle.” To that end, truth is a little like reading between the lines…or compromise…or both…a way of finding balance in a situation, which in … Read More

Healing and the Two Sides of Flight

Annah ElizabethHealing and the Two Sides of, Loss, Grief, and Healing3 Comments

Journeyer, I had the most exquisite experience while driving to work earlier this week! My drive follows a local stream, one where I’ve had the good fortune of noticing a doe leading her young fawn to drink, both set in the light of an emerging sunrise. I’ve seen osprey-like birds resting, their height reaching for the clouds atop one locked leg, the other … Read More

On Saying Goodbye

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  Journeyers, this week has been equally frustrating and exhilarating. Exhausting because of this little reality called work and duty and credit card payments and business. Exhilarating because, for the past three days, my mind has been a constant flutter of thoughts. My head has been teeming with ideas and inspiration that I can’t wait to share. My notions most always come to … Read More