On Martin Luther King, My Mother, and Killing Them with Kindness

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  Journeyers, I’ve just learned of She Writes’ request for entries to their Three Minus One essay contest. The call for stories involving child loss is definitely in my wheelhouse and today I’m hard at work preparing an entry worthy of the topic. As I write, millions of Americans continue their commemorative celebration of Martin Luther King’s “I have a … Read More

Hate Crimes in Benghazi & The Bride of Osama

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I felt defeated and outraged when I read today’s headlines about the death of four Americans, including US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens. Do these people who are so enraged not realize that Sam Bacile’s thoughts and actions are not indicative of an entire nation? I am sickened by the hatred. My heart bleeds for the families and friends and … Read More

On Love and Hate

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As a child–heck, even as an adult–I have felt others’ pain. I have never liked mean-spiritedness. Jokes created at the expense of others (gay, religious, academia, mental…) have always brought sadness and frustration to my heart. We are one people. We are human. And though we were created as one existence, we were not created equal, for had we been, … Read More