A Love Note from The Universe

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This week–shit, the past two years, even!-has evaporated into a vortex of…I don’t know what, Neighbor…

Actually, yes I do… I’ve been working hard on healing and moving myself forward following several significant Life Loss events.

Working hard on loving myself after years of feeling invisible…

Working hard staying on top of a mountain of divorce paperwork; a “gift” that just keeps on giving…

Working hard on loving myself after years of being told by someone I considered to be one of the most important people in my life that I am crazy…

Working hard on breathing through all the sadness, anger, and confusion that are an integral part of our growth…

Working hard on loving myself after–finally–understanding that I am not crazy, though I have acted crazy in the face of some pretty crazy life and relationship circumstances. Thank you, Mira Kirshenbaum for your book Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay. It brought so much clarity to my mind…

Working hard on making contacts…researching online course development programs…working on the next book…

Working hard on planning for and believing in a future that is far brighter than I could have ever imagined for myself…

It’s all equally exciting and tedious work, as many of you know!

As I scrolled through some old writings, one thing stood out as especially apropos on this Valentine’s Day: a post I titled Love notes form the universe.

If you didn’t see the iconic photo of Pluto and the heart-shaped image that graces its landscape, look no further!

“The dwarf planet has sent a love note back to earth” Nasa’s Instagram post read.

Nasa Instagram Love Notes from Pluto

My heart gave a tiny flutter when I saw the photo and I, like millions of our neighbors, fell in love all over again.

There are so many ways the universe sends us love messages, Journeyer, and that seems to be at the center of this week’s joy and my focus on love, despite those situations that feel so unloving.

I continue to be intrigued by the symbolic meanings given to repeating number sequences, recognized as Angel Numbers. If you’re unfamiliar, check out Sacred Scribe’s Angel Numbers Index.

One of my favorites, which I continue to see on a daily basis, is the number 222, which I’ve assigned the cue: “Everything is going to be okay.”

222 Angel Number

Everything is truly going to be okay, Neighbor, if we choose it.

The Five Facets Philosophy teaches us that healing doesn’t mean what happened to us is okay, rather healing means that we can be okay in the face of whatever adversity we have endured.

I try to make it a daily practice of paying attention to the little things that make me smile and remind me that love is abundant and all around us, if we’re open to it.

Love notes from the universe also come in the form of a flower; in the color of cheer; in an everpresent, southern sunshine; in the morning birdsong I hear outside my bedroom window; and in heart-shaped trees.

Love Notes from The Unvierse Annah Elizabeth's Tree

These little things remind me Every. Single. Day. that love abounds. That I am loved and embraced by the Universe.

Remember the 1965 song, “What the world needs now is love sweet love; it’s the only thing there’s just too little of?”

Maybe, just maybe, the reason there seems to be a lack of love is that we’re not paying enough attention to the love that is right in front of us.

We have the power to love and to heal a world of hurt…

That fact speaks to my soul and fills me with peace…

What about you, Neighbor, what moment(s) brought light and love to you? Brighten our neighborhood by sharing something in the comment below!

Until we meet again, yours in hope, healing, happiness, and eternal love…

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