Could It Be ADD?

Annah Elizabeth1 Comment

 Is your house a mess?

Are you chronically late?

Is your attention easily distracted?

Do you have umpteen projects spinning at one time?

Do you ask your children the same questions over and over?

Do you find yourself walking from one unfinished task to another?

Me too.

And we’re not alone.

Millions of us flock to personal coaches, seek out the newest products that promise us freedom from clutter and chaos.

Could it be that these symptoms point to a problem that is driven by something within us?

Something that gizmos and gadgets can’t fix?

Could it be Adult ADD?

Follow me over to The Indie Chicks, and find out more in my recent piece, A Squirrel, Two Men in a Boat, and Adult ADHD.

One Comment on “Could It Be ADD?”

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