The Presidential Platforms Powering (My) Vote 2012 Decision

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Next week my fellow countrymen will flock to their individual polling places and pull levers for their desired leaders.

Some will froth at the mouth as they wait impatiently in line.
I imagine them to be extremists who can’t/don’t/won’t see the middle of any issue.
Some will flip the switch believing their vote has no true value because their state’s numbers are swallowed up by the larger cities that form the Electoral Vote for their state’s plot of land.
Nothing like watching your candidate lose the Presidency despite securing the People’s Vote.
Some will be undecided until the curtain closes behind them.
Others, like me, are still on the fence as to whether we’ll even show up to sign the ballot book.
I have been watching the debates.
I have been thinking about the candidates.
But here’s my dilemma.
Not one of the candidates I’ve heard or read about maintains my beliefs on the major topics.
I found this great list of 2012 Constituents that breaks down each contender’s Party and his/her platforms.
Many of the Third Party ideas are as extreme as (if not more so) their Big Party counterparts.
I’m a middle-of-the-road kind of gal.
On Abortion and Same Sex Marriage
Obama shares my belief on a woman’s right to choose but believes that Gay Marriage contradicts his religious beliefs.
Romney supports Gay Marriage but believes abortion goes against his faith.
And—to my knowledge, though some would beg to differ—both these men are Christians.
Barr is an advocate for both of these issues but I find it hard to take seriously a comedic contestant whose number one platform item is the legalization of marijuana.

Stein, someone knew to me, is a proponent of Choice, Marriage for All, and is someone who has peaked my interest.

On Immigration
Though I support an endeavor such as The Dream Act—a bipartisan collaboration—I cannot agree with those who want to abolish all border patrols and illegal immigrant deportation.
There is a reason these folks are called Illegals. They are entering this country illegally.
We cannot ask for equal rights for some and overlook equal responsibility for others.
On a Green Economy
Though I agree with being environmentally conscious, I believe climates are cyclical.
I liken Green Extremists to Overprotective or Helicopter Parents.
One sure thing I’ve come to learn is that we can’t protect our loved ones from every potential harm.
And, when we interfere too much, we tend to create different problems that can be equally troublesome(if not more so) as the ones we were trying to intercept.
On Education
I believe free primary schooling is a privilege, not an entitlement.
I believe that every student should be encouraged to reach his individual potential, and that not every kid is college bound.
I believe a free secondary education is unnecessary. We humans tend to appreciate opportunity more when we have something invested.
I believe every school district (rural, urban, and metropolitan) faces unique challenges, and that education isn’t one-size-fits-all.
As such, Big Government cannot manage the diversity of our many regions as effectively and efficiently as our States/Cities/Towns.
On Health Insurance
I believe we need to delve into the causes that have created our national Health Care Crisis.
I believe that affordable health care is the answer.
I believe every city and every town faces unique challenges and, like Education, Healthcare needs aren’t uniform.
Big Government cannot manage the diversity of our many regions as effectively and efficiently as our States/Cities/Towns.
On Issues and Individuals
I have always said, “The truth lies somewhere in the middle.”
And between now and next Tuesday I want to find a re-run of The Third Party Debate., for a closer peek into the finer points of Green Party Stein’s platform.
I want a candidate who seeks out balance—that middle ground—for our great nation.
When I find that person, I’ll get in line…
Make Your Voice Heard in the Vote 2012 Election.
I agree with Independent Tom Hoefling’s statement, “The only wasted vote is one that doesn’t represent you.”
What about you?

What powers your political alliances?

Have you been settling for the lesser of two evils, so to speak?

If so, are you willing to make your voice heard by voting for a Third Party candidate?
Will you vote for The Person or The Party Line in this Vote 2012 Presidential Election?

6 Comments on “The Presidential Platforms Powering (My) Vote 2012 Decision”

  1. It’s very hard to pin down the candidates’ stances on various issues, because their stances “evolve” due to who they are trying to please at the moment they are asked.

    There was an interesting column today in the opinion section (Was it Dana Milbank who wrote it?) about the unfairness of the electoral college. I agree with him; it’s a flawed system and should be scrapped so my vote will count for the one vote it is.

    The only purpose voting for an independent or third party candidate serves is to take a vote away from a democrat or republican who could actually win. They are spoilers, and you are throwing away your vote on a pipe dream. But, be my guest. That’s your prerogative, and one that I have done in the past, before my youthful idealism went the way of a bowel movement.

    1. If Obama had abandoned his “youthful idealism,” we might never have seen an African American president in office.

      If we give up on our dreams then what is left of us but a shell of who we are?

      And, anybody can win the election if they have enough votes. If enough voices who want more than what Mainstream Politics is offering, and choose to make their voices heard by voting for someone else, then Political Groups will take notice.

      Thanks for sharing and networking, ’cause that’s what it’s all about…


  2. The only fairly nice thing about our country is that our system of checks and balances only allows change in moderation. We just watched “The Iron Lady”, and Margaret Thatcher had a great deal of power, which she wielded like a hatchet. Great if you agree with her, bad if you don’t.

    So I’m comforted that, even though I’ll never get my way, my opposition won’t either. We will live in a comfy middle ground where things never get toooo awful. I can live with that.

    1. Middle ground–balance as I like to call it–is but one of the great things about our country…

      One side of opposition does often get their way…Slavery, Roe vs Wade, Same-sex marriage are but a few examples…


  3. You are correct.

    It is nice to be able to choose where we want to live, where we want to work, where we want to play…

    It is awesome that a woman currently has the right of choice with regard to pregnancy…

    Some day it will be equally grand when our citizens are able to choose who they want to marry…

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