Presentations with Confidence

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Whether you’re presenting written or oral presentations for business or you simply want to communicate in everyday life with more confidence, this course is for you. This event is part of JET’s continuing education series at Arnot Health. Course registration is open to any employed person. Register at

May We All Be

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! For all you Mothers, whether you hold a child in your heart, your dreams, or your arms, Happy Mother’s Day to you! Last week I wrote about about manifesting intention, how I worked on changing my thinking to change my situation. But this past week has been all about creating a state of being, one based on …

And So It Is

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Happy Sunday,  Journeyer, Some of our greatest thinkers and spiritualist have these or similar sayings, “Your  thoughts create your reality,” and “Change your thinking; change your world.” Part of mindfulness meditation is allowing feelings and sensations to move through us without effecting us in harmful or negative ways. One of the ways we create our desired realities is by creating …

When Happiness is Hard

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“Hard times always lead to something great.” ~ Fashion Designer, Betsey Johnson Dear Journeyer, This last week was tough…really tough. After three years of struggle at my other job, I finally faced something that I can’t comprehend. I had two, back-to-back events that ultimately triggered panic attacks. For those of you who have ever endured these physiological symptoms, my heart …

Homemade Happiness

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer!! There are three times in the last seven years that I have missed a Happy Happens column. Seven years, Journeyer! The motto has always been “Just like the proverbial shit happens, happy happens.™” This column has been an exercise in making me notice, appreciate, and honor those fleeting moments that collectively are my happiness, even in the …

The Circle of Life

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! I know you will understand and appreciate the brevity of this post. I spent this past week preparing projects for this work, to train and certify five of our neighbors in the Integrated Energy Therapy® modality, and working my Outside Job. Today sums up so much of what Life is all about. In a matter of hours, …

Springing into Action

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Happy Sunday, Journeyer! As I type, the sun is blazing through the picture window at my back, a welcome change from the cloud-covered rainy days of recent. Every spring I find myself springing into action in new and refreshing ways. Warren is in Thailand and this cat has a full day of play ahead of her, beginning with last minute …