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When faced with tragedy or misfortune, the first question we often ask is “How am I going to survive this?” How am I going to rise up out of the depths of despair that wrap me like a coccoon? In other words: How am I going to heal? That is The Five Facets purpose: to provide a resource that helps us understand what healing means to our individual self and to tap into our own personal resources that will lead the way to recovery. It is important to note that this model is neither about grief nor is it designed to replace the many invaluable resources that aid us in our bereavement. That said, were it not for grief, there’d be no need for recovery, which means we cannot consider healing without reflection on our sadness.

The Five Facets is a philosophy that begins in the space where grief starts to soften, at the point we realize our bereavement is no longer serving a purpose and is actually holding us back from living our best lives. Sometimes there is a catalyst, some impetus that tells us it’s time to move on and something that seems to give us a sort of crystal clarity. But more often than not, healing is as random as grief, creating a sort of dance between those two elements… If you are in the latter group and don’t find something you’re looking for here today, please stop back at another point in your journey, for you never know where these paths might lead you…

– Annah Elizabeth

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